StockTickr Automated Trading Robot

This page is for downloading versions of the StockTickr Trading Robot. Unless you've been specifically instructed to download an older version, please use the newest version available.

Here's more information about the StockTickr Automated Trading Bot.

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Latest Version

Version 1.0.1088

  • Signals page now automatically updates when new signals are seen.

Version 1.0.1083

  • More performance improvements.
  • Fixed a rare bug which caused occasional duplicate trades.

Version 1.0.1078

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  • Major new features added: Alert Exit, Trend Exit, Partial Exit, Buying Power monitor
  • More performance improvements.
  • Added relative orders, scale orders, market if touched orders.

Version 1.0.1073

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  • Various performance improvements.
  • Fixed copy button on strategy view.
  • Fixed order entry when holdings exist and have live order.

Version 1.0.1069

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  • More performance improvements.
  • Improved signals window showing each signal and the result
  • Better automated strategies dashboard
  • New setting to control max number of trades across all strategies

Version 1.0.1057

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  • More performance improvements.
  • Two new order types: Limit on Open for entry orders and Market on Close for exit orders.
  • Quote retrieval speed is dramatically faster.

Version 1.0.1051

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  • Major performance improvements.
  • Automatically captures volatility, std dev, quality, and wiggle for each trade.
  • Allows changing of reference price for limit order. Can choose last price or bid/ask.

Version 1.0.1039

  • Enhanced Odds Maker integration with StockTickr.
  • Stop orders are now using the Last trigger method instead of Double Bid/Ask. Learn more about trigger methods.

Version 1.0.1036

  • Added a strategy option to take trades even if you currently have holdings in a stock.
  • Added a strategy option to take trades only once per day per symbol.
  • Added a global option to control rounding of positions sizes.
  • The test alert button now gives a warning with a yes/no dialog.
  • The time stop is now displayed in HHMMSS instead of just seconds. ;-)
  • The stop adjustment after fills is now reflected automatically in StockTickr.

Version 1.0.1032

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  • Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate orders in very rare cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the bot to "remember" strategies that were deleted.
  • Fixed a bug with in the automated strategies list that would cause a crash in a specific situation.

Version 1.0.1029

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  • Various mostly cosmetic changes to various screens.
  • Additional logging for sending executions to StockTickr

Version 1.0.1027

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  • Fixed a problem where duplicate trades in a single symbol could occur when using market orders.

Version 1.0.1026

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Version 1.0.1025

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  • Added a "latest time of day" option for the duration based time stops.
  • Added link to edit symbol lists from each automated strategy config page.

Version 1.0.1024

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  • Added an option for trading a symbol twice in one day.
  • Added sound alerts for orders. Can choose different sounds for long or short orders.
  • Added im-style popup alerts for orders sent.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 1.0.1021

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  • Added overnight capability for the time stops. For example, you can tell the bot to place an order at a specific time of day on X trading days from now.
  • Collaboration links should work across bot, TI Pro, etc.
  • Collaboration links for robot's alert window now includes Odds Maker configuration.
  • Exit reason is now automatically assigned to each auto-trade when a closing order executes.
  • When opening the Closed Position window it now checks that closed positions exist.
  • Added detection for next valid order id from TWS. Now warns the user if the event is not received in a timely fashion.
  • Added some validation checking to the trading instructions page.

Version 1.0.1017

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  • Added tooltips that are loaded from the server on startup.
  • Bot now retrieves current holdings when it logs into TWS.
  • Added more support for sending debug info to StockTickr support.
  • Eliminated a couple bugs that would cause the bot to crash in certain situations.
  • A new alert window now uses the High/Low ticker as the default strategy instead of the High Speed Test which was too resource intensive.

Version 1.0.1016

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  • Now keeps correct order counting by taking into account manual orders in TWS.
  • Added version checking on startup so the user is notified when newer versions of the bot are available.

Version 1.0.1015

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  • Manual order history now goes to StockTickr in addition to autotrades.
  • Changed position sizing types to simpler format.
  • Added Market orders for entry.
  • Added target orders for exiting.
  • Escaped collaborate links to they can be treated like links.
  • The bot now gets notified of manual trades taken through TWS and won't trade signals for symbols that you have a current position in.