=== StockTickr / Trade-Ideas Integration !StockTickr Pro now offers seamless synchronization of any list of stocks in !StockTickr with symbol lists in Trade-Ideas. [StockTickr Pro http://www.stocktickr.com/docs/signup/] users can now create rules in !StockTickr that automatically populate a symbol list in Trade-Ideas in real time. Let's say you trade in a style similar to a friend. You can use !StockTickr Pro and Trade-Ideas to alert each other to setups in real time. For example, if your friend's !StockTickr username is tradertwo, you can create a Trade-Ideas Real Time rule such that any stock that tradertwo adds to !StockTickr is added to a Trade-Ideas symbol list in real time. You can also use a Trade-Ideas End of Day rule to synchronize certain lists at the end of the day (for example, the [High Alpha http://www.stocktickr.com/tag/High%20Alpha/] stocks or Richard Todd's [http://www.stocktickr.com/bestdaytrade/ Best Stocks to Day Trade list] or other [useful lists in StockTickr http://www.stocktickr.com/docs/popularlists/]). === Faqs: === What is Trade-Ideas? As a pure pattern recognition tool, Trade-Ideas' focus is on providing next level analytics and decision support via its browser-based or downloadable platform. Via Trade-Ideas clients customize an inventory of alerts and filters to produce a unique view of the markets: theirs. === What do I need to use the StockTickr/Trade-Ideas Integration? You need a !StockTickr Pro account and a Trade-Ideas account. You can sign up for [StockTickr Pro here http://www.stocktickr.com/orderpro/] and you can get [http://www.trade-ideas.com/CreateAccount.php?prefix=Tickr_/ a free 7-day trial of Trade-Ideas here]. === How does StockTickr know which Trade-Ideas account to use? You need to specify your Trade-Ideas username and password in your !StockTickr profile. === Where do I configure the rules? Configure the rules [http://www.stocktickr.com/tirules/ here]. === If I'm using a real time rule to be alerted when a StockTickr user adds a stock to StockTickr, do they have to have a Pro subscription also? No, just the user that's setting up the rules. === What kinds of integration are available? There are real time rules and rules that execute at the end of the trading day. === What is the difference between a Real Time Rule and an End of Day rule? A real time rule is executed in real time as stocks are added to !StockTickr. These are ideal for sharing ideas with friends. An end of day rule is executed once a day and is ideal for the system generated lists, like the [http://www.stocktickr.com/tag/High%20Alpha/ High Alpha list] or [http://www.stocktickr.com/docs/popularlists/ various other lists]. === I day trade and therefore my list should be empty at the beginning of every day. Do I need to manually empty my Trade-Ideas symbol lists? No, when you define a real time rule, you can specify that !StockTickr empty that list nightly so you start fresh every trading day. === What is the name of the Trade-Ideas symbol list that gets populated? You specify the list name that should be used. For example, if you create a rule that populates a list named "Friends", look for a symbol list in Trade-Ideas called !StockTickr-Friends. === Is there a way I can add stocks to StockTickr from a Trade-Ideas alert window? Yes! We've added a ["Quick Add" screen http://www.stocktickr.com/quickadd/] to !StockTickr for this purpose. You can configure Trade-Ideas so that when you double-click on a stock in an alert window, it automatically adds it to !StockTickr. === How can I tell when a stock gets added via a real time rule? I'd suggest dedicating a Trade-Ideas alert window for this purpose. Create a new Trade-Ideas alert window and point it to the symbol list that you've specified in your real time rule. Then, use your normal alerts configuration or use the "heart beat" alert which periodically lists all stocks that satisfy your filters (on the Window Specific Filter tab when you configure an alert window). === For the End of Day rules, are they overwritten with new data each night? This is up to you. There is an option to overwrite the list or append to it when you create the rule. === Can two rules point to the same Trade-Ideas symbols list? Yes, just make sure if they are End of Day rules that you set them to append instead of overwrite (otherwise they'll collide with each other).